Joshua Meadows hails from New York City but currently lives in Melbourne, Australia. A writer professionally, his work has covered a variety of topics from politics & LGBTI+ rights to video games. In the past he has been on staff with XY Magazine, & had writing appear on websites like Heavily involved in LGBT activism, he founded a not-for-profit in NYC geared towards improving rights and representation for transgender and LGBTI+ individuals of colour. As a teenager he attended the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts and is also a classically-trained vocalist and pianist, having performed at Carnegie Hall when he was 18. He's presently the author of science fiction/fantasy episodic novel series, Iyetra. This series was a quarterfinalist in the 2012 'Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award' competition sponsored by Penguin Books.

As the co-founder of GX Australia, Australia's first LGBT+ convention for geeks & gamers of all stripes, he's heavily invested in ensuring that gaming & geek culture is inclusive and accessible to everyone no matter their background or hobbies. He was also the principal organiser of Sydney Gaymers, the largest LGBTI+ gaming group in Australia and one of the biggest worldwide, until 2016. Since 2012, the not-for-profit has helped connect gaymers of a variety of ages, interests, and backgrounds with one another through various meetups, events, and competitions. The group has marched in the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade every year since 2013, debuting the first gaming float in the parade's extensive history. The group has received sponsorship and support from a number of mainstream developers and publishers such as Electronic Arts, Valve, and Ubisoft.

Joshua has been photographing full time since 2012, and writing full time professionally since 2008.

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